At what age can kids start riding a balance bike?

Most bikes we sell comfortably start at about age 2. There are a few factors to consider with this and some alternative bikes to get them going earlier.   Early starting balance bikes The Wishbone Balance Bike is a 2-in-1 bike that starts life as a trike and then converts. This means it is stable for young children and requires less balance and stability that an 18 month might have. Once the child is more capable and gets more confident, the back axel and wheels convert to a regular 2 wheel balance bike. It still has an adjustable seat so the child can grow with it; from a tricycle, to a low 2 wheeler and then the seat goes up as they grow. This means the bike is good for young toddlers to older kids. Choosing a Balance Bike for a younger child Check some other things when considering getting a bike for a smaller or younger child. In-seam height: Measure their in-seam to see that they are tall enough to get their legs over the seat. All our bikes have a minimum inseam number in their description pages so you can see. You can also check the Balance Bike comparison chart to see them all together. Weight:  Weight is hard to judge but the lighter the bike the better. Most bikes are around 7.5-8lbs Bike Brand and Materials Also consider if you want a wooden bike, a moulded bike or a steel bike. The material doesn't necessarily affect the weight, but some people prefer one over another. We have best sellers in each of these materials - email us for more information.

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