Balance Bike Buyers Guide

So, need help choosing a Balance Bike for a kid? Hopefully, we can help with our Balance Bike Buyers guide to help make bike choosing as easy as 1 2 3. Let's start with size; You need to choose the right sized bike.

Bike Size

If your child is under 2 years old we normally recommend starting with a bike like the Wishbone Balance Bike. This can start life as a 3 wheeled balance bike and transforms into a 2 wheeled bike as soon as they are ready. 18-month-old children can usually really enjoy this bike. In addition to this, it is beautifully designed and manufactured.

For the 2+-year-old kids there is a whole range of bikes including the Strider Balance Bike, the Wishbone Balance Bike, the Runners range, the Skuut Balance Bikes and more. These bikes are good from 2 years old up to about 4-5 depending on the size of your child. Some bikes like the Strider have an optional seat pole extender which gives a little more life. All of these bikes should outlast the use of any child and maybe even 2 or 3 if treated with a little respect. This makes the $100-$200 investment well worth it.

For older children, there are a couple of larger balance bikes like the Kazam and Go Glider from Glide Bikes. These can be good from 4-10 years old which is brilliant if you like the style and experience of using a Balance Bike or you haven't learnt to ride a bike earlier.


If you are looking for a light bike that is easy to manage the Strider No-Pedal bike or the Runners Ultralight are good choices. Weight is important especially when starting out. Also if your child has a heavy bike and isn't very tall, riding up those hills is going to be harder work.


Some bikes have airless tires and some have normal pneumatic tires that require being pumped up and kept full. Personally, we thought real air filled tires were the best choice but when we get a Strider bike we really didn't see any value in air-filled tired. Airless tires work just as well and there is no risk of puncture and they don't need pumping up. Therefore this decision is entirely preference. We have friends that purchased bikes with air-filled tires and they are just as happy. 


Price is always a big factor. The thing to remember is they will have this bike a long time. They might even ride it for 3-4 years, and even then pass it to a younger sibling. This means which sounds expensive now isn't that expensive over the life of the use of the bike. $150 over 3 years is $50 a year or $4.16 a month. Bikes like the Wishbone are beautifully made and packaged. This thing wins design awards it's so nicely made. But it's more expensive than most bikes. Consider though it can also start life earlier than a regular 2 wheel no-pedal bike. Other bikes like the best selling Strider no-pedal bike is more affordable and well made. Our most affordable steel framed bike is the Strider. We don't tend to have quality problems we have with any of our bikes which make it easy to recommend any of them. Just remember, if you only have $100 to spend then there is a quality bike to match that price. And if you have $260 to spend then there is a bike to match that price too, and you get a little extra wow for it.

Bike Accessories

Some bikes have no accessories and some have more. Again the Strider and Wishbone offer extras. The Strider as optional bike bells, water bottle holders, gloves, pedal attachments and even Strider Skis that clip on to the bike for bike skiing in Winter! The Wishbone has sticker packs and seat covers that allow you to customise the look a little more. Other bikes like the Princess Runner has a basket on the front for little princesses to carry their precious cargo with them. Most other bikes are just the bike.

How it looks

This is really important in our minds. Most bikes look great but you might have a real desire to get a bike that looks just so. Wishbone offers a flames sticker pack and a flowers sticker pack. The Princess Runner bike has the neat little basket on the front for your little one to cart things around. The Strider has a strong sleek look with many colours to match any rainbow. Wishbone also offers limited edition bikes with unique designs. kiddiMotto have a cool retro almost Vespa like scooter look. The Strider range includes KTM, Nitro and Cobra MOTO designs for that really hot motocross look. You can decide for yourself in the balance bike catalog as to the bike you like the most. We expect you can find a bike that suits the personality of your child.


We hope that helps. Add your questions below so we can help you get the best Balance Bike for your kids this season.

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