Balance Bike or Balance Bike - are they different?

Another common question we get is whether Balance Bikes or Balance Bikes are different.  A Balance Bike and a Balance Bike are exactly the same thing. It is just a different name. Other people call them pre-bikes as they are like a bike before you get a pedal bike.  Each name is really a descriptive term for the different benefits and features of children's bkes like these. The name Balance Bike illustrates that the bike, once the child is more confident on it, is used in a running motion. The child while partly supported by the seat is able to run as fast as their little legs will take them. So when you see a kid on these it seems to feel natural to call it a running bike. The name Balance Bike obviously illustrates that the bikes are also excellent at teaching balance. With a little speed or downhill momentum children are able to lift their legs and balance. This takes a little practice but they can learn this skill at their own pace and in their own time meaning that they will take the challenge of balance on when they are ready. This is quite a different experience to training wheels where the wheels are there and suddenly gone forcing the child to learn the remaining balance skills required they didn't quite get when the pedals were attached. The names Pre-Bike or no-pedal bike describe that these bikes are seen as a precursor to a full pedal bike. Running bikes while very cool are probably not a sustainable long distance bike, so as a family you might want to be able to travel longer distances than these allow. However, there are bikes that start from 18 months right through to 10+ years. These larger bikes are great for kids who travel short distances or children who haven't learnt to ride earlier in life for what ever reason.    As you can see any of these names work for describing the bikes and we hope that clears up the confusion!

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