Balance Bike or Pedal Bike?

So often our article emerge from conversations at the local park with parents of children. Some have Balance Bikes and some have bikes with training wheels. The question is often pushed around as to whether it is best to get a balance bike or a pedal bike. Our belief is obvious; we sell Balance Bikes because we see the real value in them. One parent at the park has a 3.5yr old who has owned a Strider since he was about 2. His fathers words went something like this: "We have had a pedal bike out the back of the house for a while but ______ just didn't seem that interested in riding it. He has had a Strider for a long time and learnt to balance and ride it really well. Then just recently he decided he wanted to ride so he jumped on the pedal bike and after I had held the seat a couple of times he was off and racing. I sweat it took about 15 minutes before he was pedaling on his own". This is the kind of story that illustrates why balance bikes and Balance Bikes are so good. To learn to ride a balance bike is safe, easy and fun. The transition to a pedal bike is then so much easier. This gets kids mobile at a younger age and allows a seamless transition once they are at the age to pedal as opposed to waiting until they are big enough to ride a bike with pedals and training wheels and then going through that learning phase before learning to ride without the training wheels which is still false. Balance bikes teach a natural balancing style where the child is the balancing tool as opposed to a false state of balance which training wheels create. If your child is learning to ride with training wheels that is great but we believe the future for kids learning to ride starts with a balance bike. See our balance bike range here.

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