Balance Bike - What is a Balance Bike?

Balance Bike Definition: A Balance Bike is a bike that has no pedals and no training wheels. It is a bike that can be ridden by a toddler, child or young children simply by walking or running with the bike between their legs. This style of riding allows the child to walk or run while sharing their body weight over the bike seat. As this action is similar in nature to regular walking or running the child is quickly able to achieve longer periods resting on the bike seat and incrementally learning balance. This develops to the stage where the toddler or child if fully confident in resting their full weight on the bike seat and coasting for long periods of time without requiring the use of their legs or training wheels for balance. This style of learning to ride a bike reduces or removes the learning needed when adopting a larger bicycle with pedals. Training wheels are not required in nearly all cases of children moving from a balance bike to a larger pedal bike. A Balance Bike is only one of the words used to identify this style of bike. While childrens bikes of this kind may bear many names they are essentially the same thing. Some have slightly different features but ultimately they are the same. Other names for a balance bike include: Pre-Bike Running Bike Balance Bike No-Pedal Bike  

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