Best Balance Bike for Kids?

The best balance bike for kids is a question not easily answered depending on the age and height of your kid and the preferred style of bike. We can tell you the best selling Balance Bike we have is the Strider Bike, also the FirstBIKE Balance Bike followed closely by the Wishbone Bike. We can also tell you that they are best reviewed balance bikes we have. We never get returns or complaints regarding our Balance Bikes so without saying what is the best kids bike, the evidence speaks volumes. The one factor when chosing a balance bike above all others is the weight of the bike. This is the thing we see younger kids struggle with most. Most of our bikes fit under what we consider an easy to handle weight range.  Each of our bikes has the minimum seat height, weigth and in-seam restrictions so you know you are making an informed decision. If you have any more questions please contact us.

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Received bike yesterday. Thanks a lot for your email. Excellent service you guys offer. ~Valerie

What great service, just received our strider bike today!  Thanks! ~ Brenda

Excellent customer service, I'll spread the word about you guys for sure! ~ Darren