Do you sell Strider Bike Accessories as well?

We do offer a full range of Strider accessories. Our current list is below. ABELLCH Handlebar Bell – Chrome $7.50 ABELLGN Handlebar Bell – Green $9.00 ABELLLI Handlebar Bell – Lime $9.00 ABELLRD Handlebar Bell – Red $9.00 ABOTTLE-1 STRIDERTM Clip-on Water Bottle, White $12.00 AFOOTREST STRIDERTM Freestyle Launchpad $19.00 AGLOVE STRIDERTM Adventure Riding Gloves 4KXS $25.00 AHBAG STRIDERTM Handlebar Bag and Pad $10.00 AHPAD STRIDERTM Handlebar Pad $ 6.00 $3.00 APADSET SM STRIDERTM Elbow & Knee Pads, Size S/M $25.00 APLATE1 STRIDERTM Number Plate w/ Numbers $12.00 APLATE1NO STRIDERTM Number Plate - Number Stickers Only $5.00 ASKI SNOW STRIDERTM Snow Skis (pair) $35.00 ASPOKEJOKER STRIDERTM Spoke JokerTM $4.00 MCOWBELL STRIDERTM Cow Bell $4.00 PAXLESET Axle Hardware Set $3.00 PBOLT Clamp Bolt - ST2 Saddle or Handlebar $3.00 PBRAKEST1 Brake Assembly (ST-1, UV Serial numbers) $25.00 PBRAKEST2 Foot Operated Brake Kit (ST-2 JY Serial numbers & ST-3) $25.00 PBUSHING Headset Bushing Set $5.00 PCLAMP Handlebar Clamp Set (ST-2) $5.00 PCLAMPCOVER Handlebar Clamp Cover (ST-2) $4.00 PFOOTGRIP Footrest Grip Tape $4.00 PGRIPS-2 BK STRIDERTM ST-2 Handlebar Grips (22.2mm) - Black $7.00 PGRIPS-2 BL STRIDERTM ST-2 Handlebar Grips (22.2mm) - Blue $7.00 PGRIPS-2 GN STRIDERTM ST-2 Handlebar Grips (22.2mm) - Green $7.00 PGRIPS-2 OR STRIDERTM ST-2 Handlebar Grips (22.2mm) - Orange $7.00 PGRIPS-2 PK STRIDERTM ST-2 Handlebar Grips (22.2mm) - Pink $7.00 PGRIPS-2 RD STRIDERTM ST-2 Handlebar Grips (22.2mm) - Red $7.00 PGRIPS-2 WH STRIDERTM ST-2 Handlebar Grips (22.2mm) - White $7.00 PGRIPS-2 YE STRIDERTM ST-2 Handlebar Grips (22.2mm) - Yellow $7.00 PGRIPS-3 BK STRIDERTM ST-3 Mini-Handlebar Grips (12.7mm) - Black $7.00 PGRIPS-3 BL STRIDERTM ST-3 Mini-Handlebar Grips (12.7mm) - Blue $7.00 PGRIPS-3 GN STRIDERTM ST-3 Mini-Handlebar Grips (12.7mm) - Green $7.00 PGRIPS-3 OR STRIDERTM ST-3 Mini-Handlebar Grips (12.7mm) - Orange $7.00 PGRIPS-3 PK STRIDERTM ST-3 Mini-Handlebar Grips (12.7mm) - Pink $7.00 PGRIPS-3 RD STRIDERTM ST-3 Mini-Handlebar Grips (12.7mm) - Red $7.00 PGRIPS-3 WH STRIDERTM ST-3 Mini-Handlebar Grips (12.7mm) - White $7.00 PGRIPS-3 YE STRIDERTM ST-3 Mini-Handlebar Grips (12.7mm) - Yellow $7.00 PHBAR-3 STRIDERTM ST-3 Mini-Grip Handlebar (12.7mm) w/ $19.00 STRIDERTM Pad & Black STRIDERTM Mini-Grips PPAINT BK Touch-up Paint - Black $5.00 PPAINT BL Touch-up Paint - Blue $5.00 PPAINT GN Touch-up Paint - Green $5.00 PPAINT OR Touch-up Paint - Orange $5.00 PPAINT PK Touch-up Paint - Pink $5.00 PPAINT RD Touch-up Paint - Red $5.00 PPAINT YE Touch-up Paint - Yellow $5.00 PQR STRIDERTM Seatpost Quick Release $5.00 PQR-3 STRIDERTM ST-3 Seatpost Quick Clamp $6.00 PSEAT-3 BK STRIDERTM ST-3 220MM Seatpost w/ Black Saddle $14.00 PSEAT-3 BL STRIDERTM ST-3 220MM Seatpost w/ Blue Saddle $14.00 PSEAT-3 GN STRIDERTM ST-3 220MM Seatpost w/ Green Saddle $14.00 PSEAT-3 OR STRIDERTM ST-3 220MM Seatpost w/ Orange Saddle $14.00 PSEAT-3 PK STRIDERTM ST-3 220MM Seatpost w/ Pink Saddle $14.00 PSEAT-3 RD STRIDERTM ST-3 220MM Seatpost w/ Red Saddle $14.00 PSEAT-3 WH STRIDERTM ST-3 220MM Seatpost w/ White Saddle $14.00 PSEAT-3 YE STRIDERTM ST-3 220MM Seatpost w/ Yellow Saddle $14.00 PSP305SEAT STRIDERTM 305mm XL Seatpost w/ Saddle $16.00 PSTANDPLASTIC Interlocking Bike Stand, Plastic $16.00 PSTANDSTEEL Center Stand, Steel $12.00 PWHEEL-3 BK STRIDERTM Ultralight Wheel (each) Black $18.00 PWHEEL-3 BL STRIDERTM Ultralight Wheel (each) Blue $18.00 PWHEEL-3 GN STRIDERTM Ultralight Wheel (each) Green $18.00 PWHEEL-3 OR STRIDERTM Ultralight Wheel (each) Orange $18.00 PWHEEL-3 PK STRIDERTM Ultralight Wheel (each) Pink $18.00 PWHEEL-3 RD STRIDERTM Ultralight Wheel (each) Red $18.00 PWHEEL-3 WH STRIDERTM Ultralight Wheel (each) White $18.00 PWHEEL-3 YE STRIDERTM Ultralight Wheel (each) Yellow $18.00 PWHEEL-AIR-ALUM Aluminum Rim w/ Tube and Tire (each) $22.00

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Received bike yesterday. Thanks a lot for your email. Excellent service you guys offer. ~Valerie

What great service, just received our strider bike today!  Thanks! ~ Brenda

Excellent customer service, I'll spread the word about you guys for sure! ~ Darren