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Whether you are a parent or someone who has a 2-year-old to buy for it can be tough to know what to buy. The obvious choices are usually more toys; trucks, doll houses, cars, clothes, DVD etc. But there really is a better option. A balance bike!

Most kids around the age of two are getting a better handle on their motor-skills but you will find they are still pretty good at running and falling over or tripping up in general. A balance bike benefits them at this age for many reasons:

  • The will manage a bike often better than running/walking distances with fewer accidents
  • They become mobile and can be easier to move from one place to another (e.g. parks, shopping etc) faster and with less fuss
  • They learn essential skills of balance and confidence
  • The preparation for a full sized bike at an older age without the transition of learning wheels
  • They are ready for a new physical challenge at this age

There are balance bikes like the Wishbone that actually suit children from about 18 months as it converts from a three wheel running trike to a two wheel balance bike but most bikes are good from about age two. Some children are ready earlier and some a little after. Balance bikes are also perfect as a present for Girls and Boys.

So if you are looking for a gift idea for a 2-year-old or are thinking of things your 2-year-old would be ready to tackle than a running bike/pre-bike is a really great choice. It is also the gift that keeps on giving with most bikes being ridable for 1-3 years.

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