How to choose the right Balance Bike

It's hard to know how to choose the right balance bike for your child. Most balance bikes will achieve the same end result with a few differences so you can be confident that no choice is ever a bad choice. Each balance bike we sell has won special awards and mentions by different organisations and publications so you know you are in good company with each bike.
A few things you will want to consider are:

  • Weight - consider your child will have to push this thing up hills at times so unless you feel they are strong enough to manage that then consider a light bike.
  • Materials - Metal or Wood balance bikes is another consideration. This might be purely personal. You might like the eco-friendly considerations with wood. Or you might like the idea that metal might last longer. A Wood bike is easy to decorate. A steel bike is potentially lighter (depending on model).
  • Age & Sizing: There are some larger balance bikes like the Go Glider from Glide Bikes that is suitable for 5-10 year olds. There is also the wood bike from Wishbone bikes, which starts as a balance trike and grows from there.
  • Colour: Hey, it's important right.
  • Adjustability: What we mean is the ease in which you can adjust the seat height and potentially the handle bar height.
  • Quality and finish: Bikes like the Wishbone Balance Bike certainly do have a beautiful finish and attention to detail. All the bikes we sell look great and you would be proud to take them to the local park for sure.
  • Flexibility: The Glider bikes have foot pegs that allow you to rest your feet. The Wishbone runner starts as a three-wheeler and goes to a tall balance bike 2 wheeler. The Kazam can be used like a scooter also. A few bikes that offer some options. The newer Strider model has a foam pad on the front handle bars.

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