New season and a new attitude to biking

Fall (or Autumn) has landed and for many of us that means biting cold weather and indoor activities are back on the cards. On the West coast we had a great Summer and it lasted as long as we might have expected. It was a slow start but it finished strong. The Strider World Champs were held recently and huge success from all reports. It was almost as if the event signaled the battening down of all the hatches. Fall is one of our favourite times to get out into nature and explore. The Vancouver seawall, the walk along Crescent Beach or the paths behind Kits Beach are all beautiful places to visit as the trees change and the colour of the leaves becomes an amazing rainbow of deep hues and fall highlights. It's still a great time to get the gloves on, wrap your self up in a nice jacket and get the kids out for a ride (even if you just walk) to enjoy the season. The saying in Vancouver is if you don't go out when it's cold and raining, you will never go out.  So we would love to encourage parents everywhere to fight the indoor warmth & comfort, get dressed up well, grab your toddlers Balance Bike and head out for a ride to enjoy the fresh air and beautful views.

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