One balance bike for two kids - 4 and 1.5 years old?

A Strider for a 4 year old is almost at the end of it's ideal height. You might find in only a few short months it is too small. You can buy a seat pole extender to make it bigger but that is only going to give you so much. A Strider for a 1.5 year old is a perfect age and we can highly recommend it. The Strider Super 16" Bike  would be perfect for your daughter.   For your 4 year old you could measure her inseam and see how tall she is then have a look at a couple of bikes that she is probably just getting big enough for or not to big for.   The FirstBIKE has a slightly higher seat that others and is a best seller. All the bikes have the same frame and height, it's just the tires that differ. The CROSS and STREET are most popular.    The Kazam is for 3 yrs and up. The inseam starts at 15" but it still has 12" wheels.   The Go Glider Bike is bigger also with a mimimum inseam of 16" and it has 16" wheels.   The biggest is the Strider Super 16" which has a minimum inseam of  17"    Summary: A Strider or FirstBIKE is a good choice for your 1.5 year old. Make sure you get the lowering kit for him if you get the FirstBIKE.   The FirstBIKE or Kazam is an easy start for your 4 year old but if you feel she is ready for bigger the Strider Super 16 or Go Glider are the biggest choice.

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