Strider Bike vs Runners Speeders A vs Runners Craft Bike?

All the bikes you have chosen are great and the price point will help you make the decision. The Strider bike is a best seller in Canada and as our kids have grown up on one, we can attest to their longevity and usefulness. The Speeders A is a very similar bike but has the Air filled tires and is slightly cheaper in price.    One benefit of the Strider and Runners Speeders A is the ability to raise and lower the seat to a precise point.   With smaller kids the discussion around air-filled tires vs non-air tires is dependent on a very small things. If the kids are riding over rough and bumpy surfaces then a case can be made for air tires being more comfortable. Air tires are dependent on the amount of weight on the bike. With balance bikes there is less constant sitting so the non-air tires can be equally comfortable to ride on. The biggest benefit of non-air tires is they never go flat or need pumping up. If you don't like pumping up tires or soccer balls then air tires might not be best for you.   The Runners wooden bike is great. In terms of bike height - you will probably find all the bikes work until your ready to graduate to a full pedal bike. The Strider has a seat extension option you can buy later. The obvious choice here is wood vs metal bike frame.   Either way - these are all great bikes and we have never had a complaint about any of them.

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Received bike yesterday. Thanks a lot for your email. Excellent service you guys offer. ~Valerie

What great service, just received our strider bike today!  Thanks! ~ Brenda

Excellent customer service, I'll spread the word about you guys for sure! ~ Darren