Summer is here again - it's time to get riding

Summer is finally on us again. Already the seawall in Vancouver is full of runners, cyclists and balance bike kids. Hopefully the snow has also melted on the East Coast after a long a hard winter for all. It shouldn't surprise anyone that we sell a lot more Balance Bikes in Summer than we do in Winter (although the new Strider Snow Skis are popular). This is curious to me as a lot of children have their birthdays in Winter and would still love a balance bike as a gift for their birthday. We expect that they get a nice present in Winter and another one when Summer hits and the balance bike arrives. Perfect for 2yrs plus (the Wishbone is good for 18 months plus) a balance bike brings a whole new level of fun for kids and parents exploring in Summer. Walks and family adventures cover more distance, involves more sightseeing, and generally reduces the need to nag at your kids to hurry up and catch up, on the contrary, it is usually the parents having to catch the kids. We are excited about Summer and hope you are too. Get your bike on and get some Vitamin D!

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Received bike yesterday. Thanks a lot for your email. Excellent service you guys offer. ~Valerie

What great service, just received our strider bike today!  Thanks! ~ Brenda

Excellent customer service, I'll spread the word about you guys for sure! ~ Darren