Runners' Speeders A has new colour: YELLOW

Runners' Speeders A has new colour: YELLOW
Runners' Speeders A has new colour: YELLOW

New FirstBIKE bike colours now available

Good news Canada! We now have FirstBIKE CROSS models available in Orange and FirstBIKE STREET models available in Light Blue and Orange also. These are open for orders now and add a great new look to extend an already great balance bike range. These colours are new to Canada. We also have all other FirstBIKE accessories and extras back in stock. You can check out the new colours on the links below:

It's not a great winter for bike riding

A lot of kids got a new bike under the tree in December, something we love to hear. The question now is 'when can I ride it!'. It's not that kids can't get out and ride their new balance bikes but I think we can all agree this has been quite the Winter. Toronto and the East Coast have had some amazing temperatures keeping kids and parents huddled inside around the heater.

A Balance Bike is NOT the kids toy that never gets used

If you have a kid, or kids, you know that over the years there is a slow accumulation of 'stuff'. Toys, stuffies, Lego, dolls, cars, trains etc. Of all the toys in our house I would say 5-10% get used in seasons; That is to say they get used exclusively for a week or two and then something else grabs our childrens attention and becomes the main event for a while.

Why balance bikes are so popular with kids

There are toys and learning toys in life that just seem to be popular with kids. The thing with a Balance Bike is that kids don't always know what they want when they are 18 months to 2 years old. But what you see when you get them a balance bike is evidence that this style of learning to ride is a very natural experience for children. There is an inate desire in us when we are children to learn to walk and be upright.

Let our customers tell you...

Received bike yesterday. Thanks a lot for your email. Excellent service you guys offer. ~Valerie

What great service, just received our strider bike today!  Thanks! ~ Brenda

Excellent customer service, I'll spread the word about you guys for sure! ~ Darren