Teach kids to ride a bike

As a parent, there are many milestones along the path of parenting your child or toddler. Teaching your kids to ride a bike is one of these. The fastest way to teach a kid to ride a bike is to start them on a balance bike. It really is that simple. Training wheels for kids bikes are a stage you can skip quite easily by investing a small amount on a balance bike, or running bike, that can last 2,3,4 or even 5 years before your child needs to upgrade. It makes the 'learn to ride a bike process' so easy and you don't need to learn how to install training wheels.

For parents, it can be a little nerve racking when you teach a child to ride using training wheels. There is the fear of what will happen when the training wheels are removed. The effort you have to put in to cautiously running behind your child's bike as the wobble and weave, trying to adjust to life without the two wheels that have kept them balanced for so long. With a balance bike, you can get your kid used to balancing before adding pedal so that when you do add pedals the cross over is more intuitive for them and much easier.

The moment your child or toddler gets used to riding a balance bike their confidence soars, their mobility becomes infinite and their ability to balance and ride becomes innate. 

Don't take our word for it. Ask anyone that owns a balance bike.

Note: Of course it doesn't matter what bike you use - make sure you still wear the appropriate protective gear like helmets.

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