Teaching kids to ride a bike: Part II

We find honesty refreshing, and as some have you been asking we thought we should update you on the progress of getting our four and a half year old riding his bike. It will be a short post as the truth is we haven't. Summer was amazing, but the time to spend riding never seemed to arise. Possibly because his younger brother didn't get into the event, and partly because he was having too much fun on his Kick Scooter (they are awesome btw). Now that Winter is coming on he is a little bigger again and I expect we will try again in earnest next Summer. It's possible in the Winter but Vancouver doesn't give a lot of opporunity to get outside in the rain much. With two busy parents and limited sunshine we'll give it a go but don't feel any extreme hurry. His friends all seem to have mastered their bikes in Summer but you know, it's not a competition. I expect Part III will hopefully be an update that includes some actual riding evidence.  This series is complete. See the first and third posts.

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