The Benefits of Balance Bikes for Kids

Learning how to ride a two-wheeled bike can be one of childhood’s greatest challenges, but it can now be made easier (and with fewer scraped knees or tears,) with the help of a balancing bike. These children’s bikes, which are also sometimes called running bikes or balance bikes, can help children as young as eighteen months old learn how to balance themselves in order to skip training wheels later on. By learning to balance early on these bikes that have no pedals or chain, kids will already have the skills that they need when they are big enough for a regular bike. Balancing bikes are fun, easy to use, and they only take a few hours for even the smallest child to manage.

Running bikes, not falling bikes

Balance bikes take the fear and uncertainty out of learning how to ride a bike. For many children, learning how to ride a bike without training wheels can take weeks and in some cases, it can cause injury from the spills that come with learning how to balance. One of the primary reasons that it is so hard to learn is because of the height of the bikes and because the child has to learn how to balance while pedaling. This is why buying your child a balancing bike has such an advantage over conventional bikes. Because the bikes are propelled by your child running and then coasting with their feet up, they can learn to balance much faster without the added need to pedal. Not only that, but the bikes are not nearly as tall and intimidating to a smaller child—their feet are always able to touch the ground so that they can push themselves along and then lift them up in order to coast down small inclines. Even the smallest child can learn how to use a balance bike, and the benefits are well worth the cost.

Types of Bikes

There are several different types running bikes available, such as those that are made from wood, metal, or plastic. Some come without brakes and others come with a hand brake. You might question what kind of bike is right for your child, but it all comes down to personal preference for both you and your child. No matter what kind of balancing bike you choose, your child will learn to improve his or her motor skills and have hours of fun with this safe and innovative alternative to a traditional bicycle. 

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