The end of Summer doesn't mean the end of biking

Summer is coming to an end and we once again begin to consider what this means for the next season with our kids. Some people will be having kids soon, others will have children hitting their first, second or third birthdays, and others will have kids going back to school. We definitely know it means fall fashion is in (which we like) and the leaves will be beautiful for the next few months.

If you are a new balance bike owner or planning on buying a balance bike and considering how much use your bike is going to get in Winter, let us tell you a lot! Puddle riding is one of the fun activites to enjoy in Winter and the side affect is your kids get great at balancing by lifting their legs up in the air as the ride through. 

In terms of use on the bikes we have yet to see any affect of water on our bikes so don't worry about wearing out things.

Tips for clothing:

Boots and water proof pants are a good idea. Biking gloves also are a good idea. It might be cold enough where you are that you will already have some.

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