What is the smallest balance bike?

If you are looking for the smallest balance bike there are a couple of options available. Most often the seat height of the bikes is adjustable and you can achieve a similar inner-leg height. The thing that differentiates the size of a bike is really the weight of the balance bike. The bike itself is usually smaller as a result but the weight makes the difference between your child handling the bike with ease. The easier it is for your child to manage the quicker they learn to ride it and fall in love with it.

Three smallest balance bikes

We recommend the following models as the smaller or lighter bike models:

Wishbone 3-1 Balance Bike

The Wishbone is the best all in one solution as it starts life as a tricycle (trike) and then converts to a 2 wheeler running bike. Suitable to start kids off earlier than the usual 2-year mark this bike is both beautifully designed, beautifully made and perfect for starting young and growing up with. Slightly more expensive than the other bikes you have to consider it has a longer life and the quality is first class.

Strider Balance Bike

This is a best seller and we known bike in the balance bike space. It is easy to set up, reliable and light. Weighing in at 6.4lbs this is an easy one for kids to manage, pick from lying down and get up the little hills on.

Runners Ultra-light Balance Bike

This is a streamlined bike with a classic simple design. Weighing at 7.9lbs it is slightly heavier than the Strider but is still an easy one for kids to get around on. 

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