Why a Balance Bike makes a perfect First Bike

We believe riding a bike is one of the best activities you can do as a family. If we're honest, we don't expect to get a Balance Bike for our toddler and then for them to go on long rides with us on our big bikes and the toddler on their balance bike. In saying that we do think that a Balance Bike is the fastest way a toddler can gain independence and enjoy longer walks with the family and maybe even a short run with Mum or Dad. Some toddlers get up some decent speed on a Balance Bike and can sustain it for long periods of time, travelling good distances. As a choice of a first bike for a kid a Balance Bike makes sense for a lot of reasons. First there is the confidence building; the kids get used to the concept of a bike, steering a bike and even lifting their feet of the ground and being forced to balance on their own. Second there is the freedom; kids that learn to move and control their pace and speed within the normal confines of parental reach and outside that reach when they ride off down the path and you have to literally run at full speed to keep up. Thirdly there is safetly skills; learning to navigate a walkway or path that is populated with other people or animals. This teaches them to avoid obstacles and understand respect when sharing paths. A Balance Bike might last a child from 18 months all the way up to 4 or 5 years old. It might be by 4 your already buying them a pedal bike. If and when you do buy them a pedal bike it means they are quick to pedal having already learnt all the above listed skills. A balance bike is an affordable and excellent first bike for kids and toddlers, and some of the joy you won't even know until you get one and see your child thrive on it (some kids take a little time to thrive but they all do eventually). Happy Riding!

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