Why balance bikes are so popular with kids

There are toys and learning toys in life that just seem to be popular with kids. The thing with a Balance Bike is that kids don't always know what they want when they are 18 months to 2 years old. But what you see when you get them a balance bike is evidence that this style of learning to ride is a very natural experience for children. There is an inate desire in us when we are children to learn to walk and be upright. It then follows us for the rest of our lives - we don't like to crawl or lay flat as adults. A balance bike allows kids to be upright for longer, there is less fatigue and tiredness when walking longer distances - the added support of the seat helps this. There is also a progressive nature to the way kids learn to ride on a Balance Bike. At first they walk atop the bike, unsure if they should sit or stand but walking over it feels natural, sometimes kids won't go more than a few paces but over time they begin to really take to the bike. As they then take a few more steps they gain confidence and increasingly start taking longer strides with and without the seat as a support. Eventually they suddenly take a downhill or get some momentum and start lifting their feet. The reason they are popular with kids is they love learning this on their own, at their pace and provides them freedom and confidence they may not have otherwise acheived with a pedal bike. They can also start using these bikes earlier than a bike with training wheels. Finally, the bikes have a long life of use with children. If, as with most children start at 2 years old, they can ride most bikes until 4 years old. Some brands like the Strider bike have seat extensions for extra long life up to 5 years old. So it follows that the Balance Bike is one of the most popular gifts for children when learning to ride.

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