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Junior Runners Balance Bike

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We often get asked, "What is the best first bike for young kid?". We have two we love. The Wishbone which starts as a trike and goes to a 2 wheeler, and this one, the Junior Runners Bike. This thing is so cute you want to pick it up and cuddle it (don't try napping with it as it gets a little uncomfortable, kind of like sleeping with a 2-year-old).

Designed to be used by kids from 1 year old and up to around 3 years, it's also perfect for smaller kids who want to get in on the run bike action but who might not be able to handle one of the larger wood or metal bikes. The Junior Runners is only 3.63lbs which is crazy light. If your child does have an inseam taller than 12.5" then this bike is not for you and you should probably look at the full sized Runners Bike also available. Really nice solid Birchwood, this bike is the best small bike for kids we sell.

Why we like it: 

It starts at 1 year which might seem to young for most but not all. This is the perfect first bike for shorter kids also who might find the size and weight of others too much.

Good for: 
Kids 1 year old and up

  • Easy assembly
  • Great first bike for kids
  • Soft seat for cute bottoms
  • Solid birch-wood frame - lovely natural finish
  • Only 3.63lbs!
Catalogue Category:  Run Bikes
Brand: Runners Balance Bikes
Bike Type: Wooden Balance Bikes
Minimum inseam: 11"
Wheel type: Airless
Brakes: No
Min seat height: 11 "
Max seat height: 12.5 "


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Received bike yesterday. Thanks a lot for your email. Excellent service you guys offer. ~Valerie

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