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Runners Balance Bike

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The Runners Bike is a best-selling balance bike in Europe. It's often referred to as the Runner Bike (probably because it makes them run...). It's an all wood bike and would you look at those tires! Looks like your toddler could almost go cross country on those things. These are heavy duty pneumatic rubber wheels which make is a smooth ride - even if you like to let your kids ride in the house, let alone the outdoors they can tackle with this thing.

It's a great choice for young children and is perfect for 2-5-year-olds as it is triple-height adjustable. The thing about a runners bike is that also has no spokes so if you are the kind of parent that dreads the thought of seeing your little one's toes caught in the wheel spokes then this is a great choice balance bike for you.

Eco-friendly and even has a bell which is a great bonus! It also has an optional trailer.

Runners Bike features

  • Age 2-5 years
  • Weight 4.3 kg/9.47 lb
  • Seat - Triple height-adjustable
  • From 12.5 into 16.5 in above ground, 
  • Padded synthetic leather seat (easy washable!)
  • Wheels - Pneumatic high-quality cross country wheels
  • No spoke wheels & steer stop for higher security
  • Dirt protection during outdoor experience
  • Frame Birch Plywood frame, with all weather 
  • lamination and extra thick lacquer
  • Assembly Easy
  • Materials Eco-friendly
  • Accessories - Cool bell
Why we like it: The Runners bike is a best-seller in the wooden kid's bike category. It's well made and simple form factor makes it a winning choice.

Good for: 
Kids 2-5 years and parents who don't like spokes on their kid's bike wheels.

Catalogue Category: Run Bikes
Brand: Runners Balance Bikes
Bike Type: Wooden Balance Bikes
Wheel size: 12"
Minimum inseam: 12.5"
Wheel type: Air
Brakes: No
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Min seat height: 12.5
Max seat height: 16.5

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